When the journey to wellness calls for stress-free travel

Where every patient arrives at your facility in the best possible state of mind, ready to receive your world-class treatment.


Compassionate Assistance for Lifestyle & Mobility

Perq Soleil CALM provides tailored support for the journey through the airport for passengers traveling to or from medical treatment.

stress is harmful for health

Sustained stress increases inflammation in the body, contributing to poor health outcomes and disease onset. It also reduces the efficacy of treatment and can delay recovery.

airport experiences can be stressful

Infirm travelers often suffer heightened levels of stress at airports. Key sources include:

getting through security

checking & claiming bags

navigating an unfamiliar airport

reducing stress enhances wellness

Reducing stress experienced while traveling to or from treatment affects treatment readiness and contributes to patient health outcomes.

Smooth and simplified travel for those whose health depends on it

Perq Soleil CALM is a personal airport service for patients traveling for treatment

Up to 90% percent of illness and disease is stress-related

70% of air travelers are stressed by challenges at the airport

Uncertainty and a lack of control create the most airport stress

Service highlights

Minimize stress. Maximize well-being.


Guide, assist, and attend to patient’s needs throughout the airport journey with input from partner hospitals


Arrange for a porter to check bags at departure and retrieve bags from luggage carousel on arrival


Pre-inform TSA of patient’s requirements, arrange priority position, and provide support through screening process


Secure a comfortable and quiet space for patient to relax while they await boarding


Arrange with airline agent for priority boarding and wait at gate until wheels are up

Partner with us to provide optimal outcomes for traveling patients

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Smooth and simplified travel for those whose health depends on it

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